Mercedes is famous for it's air suspension systems, also referred to as AirMatic, airlift, or air suspension. 

They are engineered to be a comfortable and soothing ride with sharpened handling and Adaptive Dampening System (ADS) for immediate shock absorption. 

When these systems fail, your Mercedes truck will lose the ADS suspension they are designed for.

Don't worry, Suncore Industries has solutions to diagnose your Mercedes so you can get it back on the road before any major damage is done that can become expensive.

It is important that you properly troubleshoot the issue first so that you are educated on what your car needs.  Otherwise, you may end up paying thousands for AirMatic repairs you might not necessarily need.  In this blog, we will educate you how to properly diagnose your problem and identify the proper parts required to get your Mercedes GL320, GL350, GL450, GL550, ML320, ML350, ML450, ML500, ML550, or ML63 AMG back on the road.  If your car is riding on a W164 or X164 Mercedes platform you have come to the right place.

First, let’s look at some of the warning signs and symptoms or AirMatic suspension systems.  On the instrument cluster you can get 1 of 3 failure messages, “Air Suspension Failure”, “Vehicle Workshop”, or “STOP VEHICLE TOO LOW.”

In some cases, this may be only an electrical fault.  The first step is to use an OBD II scanner (Star Diagnostic or iCarsoft MB II) to read the car faults.

The scanner may provide fault codes.

For example, C1324-001 or C1325-001.  This means there is a fault with the communication by the solenoid valves in the assembly or rear axle damping valve unit (Y53.)  This fault can also mean that there is a discontinuity problem with the air suspension components.

If you are getting the message “Visit Workshop”, your car may still drive but it is imperative you diagnose this problem as soon as possible before the car becomes undrivable, and in some cases dangerous.

If you are getting the message “STOP CAR TOO LOW” in most cases, the air suspension has collapsed, and the car will not be drivable at all.