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A: Our air suspension conversion kits are designed to replace air springs with conventional steel coil springs, which typically last the lifetime of the vehicle.
Our Conversion kits are offered as an affordable long lasting solution to replace air springs. For customers whom enjoy their air suspension or typically do a lot of towing, it would be best to maintain the air suspension.

A: We typically advise our customers to have a certified mechanic install any of Suncore's products to make sure all other components are inspected properly and the parts are installed correctly.

A: The coil springs typically last the lifetime of the vehicle, any dampeners which would be also called shocks or struts normally last 40k-60K miles.

A: All of Suncore's parts include instructions which are intended to aid any knowledgeable technician with primary installation procedures.

• Electromagnetically controlled suspension dynamically changes the viscosity of the fluid to stiffen or soften the shock or struts dampening characteristics.
• Passive suspension refers to a conventional mechanically driven shocks and struts that use force to control dampening, these are typically twin tube gas charged shocks & struts.

A: Every vehicle and part number will have a unique method of bypassing the warning message. There are 3 main ways to bypass:

• If your kit includes a module it will state it in the listing clearly and be pictured in the main image, the module is designed to communicate directly with the onboard computer.
• If your kit includes resistors you will simply put the resistors in place of the plug connecting to your shock and this will signal the shock is functioning properly, in this case the compressor and solenoids will need to be installed and functioning.
• Another method is relying on the level sensors to send a message back to the suspension module telling it that the suspension is riding at the proper height which will eliminate the need for the suspension to operate. ( this will require electrical components to be functional )
A: First start by identifying type of failure you may be having which will lead you to the culprit behind the failure. Things to look for are:

• Listen For Clicking, Grinding or abnormal sounds coming from the compressor – A weak compressor can cause multiple ill effects on suspension.
• Listen for compressor turning on and duration of operation – verify your compressor is operational and make sure it is running, if it will not kick on first thing to check is the compressor relay.
• Inspect vehicle ride height – inspect all 4 corners and make sure they are all evenly raised if one corner seems lower that may be the unit in question which will require a leak test (see below for testing method. If the vehicle seems to be riding lower on all corners with air springs, then the problem will most likely be coming from the compressor end.
• If you can hear the compressor running constantly – you will need to remedy the leak before the compressor fails since this will add extra stress to the compressor, proceed by performing a leak test.
• Sagging and bottoming out air springs – if you are experiencing decreasing ride quality and feel the car swaying, nose diving or feel the road in the cabin, you will want to inspect your air springs for dry rot, cracks and leaks. When the rubber on your air spring begins to rot they will no longer be able to hold the factory psi capacity and will expand more. Next inspect for air leaks, keep In mind these conditions will also wear and damage the shock absorber.
• For most newer vehicles it is good practice to do a full scan on the suspension module to find codes reported from electronic components.

Most air spring bag leaks may be found by preforming a simple leak test. Start by making a mixture of 2 tablespoons dish soap to one quart of water in a spray bottle. Spray air spring bags, fittings, air lines, and compressor. Any signs of consistently forming bubbles is an indication of a leak. If there are no bubbles seen it does not necessarily indicate there is not a leak.

A: Our Remanufactured Parts primarily receive new rubber bellows, Tops, bumpers & Crimp Rings. The dampeners are tested for defects and cycle tested to insure all seals function properly.