The popular X164 and W164 chassis GL and ML-Class Mercedes can be quite the enjoyable ride, but it does have its own share of problems, especially with the Mercedes specific factory air suspension components. The front and rear air springs typically lasts 60 or 70 thousand miles, and it is very common for leaks to develop in the air struts or air springs, most often at the upper crimp rings, or the top seals.

Your first Airmatic suspension diagnosis should begin with spraying the air springs down with soapy water to check for any bubbling from the rubber bellows or air inlet valve. It is also recommended to test the number 32 fuse and any other Airmatic related fuses (f53 and/or f46 located in the trunk compartment). If you cannot find your fuse diagram, it may be located under the spare tire in the trunk. A blown Airmatic fuse, or the relay “O” stuck in the open position usually indicates a burnt-out air compressor pump. When your compressor pump fails in this way it is a sure sign that there is a leak somewhere in the air suspension. You should be seeing the “Compressor Cooling Down” or “Compressor Overheated” dash warnings, this needs to be fixed before replacing the compressor pump.

The solenoid valve block, usually located at the front of the vehicle near the air compressor pump, can be the cause of a failing air suspension, however the four ride height sensors can often be the problem. The front ride height sensors are located at the outer side of the strut, where the rear ride height sensors are attached to the axle. They can easily warp and become quite brittle, causing your vehicle to constantly sit at an uneven angle, and need to be checked to ensure they are still working correctly.

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