We have listened and delivered what you have been looking for, as we are automotive enthusiasts we have taken notice of your needs on public forums and decided to make it easy for every Acura MDX owner to have the option of a more affordable suspension setup on their 2nd gen MDX.

It can be very frustrating when your daily commute is plagued with a consistent rattle or knock from a blown shock or strut, or maybe your check ADS warning popped up and any unwanted lights on the dash just makes you nervous and your find that your shocks will cost you over $1000 that’s not including mounts, insulators and bump stops etc..  

We now offer a kit that will replace you front struts as one whole assembly for a quick and easy install while insuring all components are brand new and a set of rear shocks accompanied with resistors to bypass the warning message from the ADS electronic shocks being removed.