Is the EAS system in your L320 Range Rover Sport starting to give you problems?

Maybe you’ve already had to replace parts of your suspension system and want to prevent another expensive break down?

Suncore Industries now has a front and rear conversion kit with 4 Complete Strut & Coil Spring Assemblies. Where other conversion kit companies sell their kits with loose coil springs and component parts, Suncore Industries’ Conversion Kit uses ready to install Complete Strut Assemblies that have the top mount, isolators, spring seats and all other necessary components built onto a premium strut that has the coil spring compressed and preassembled. Not only can you skip the assembly errors and headaches, but the time needed to upgrade your suspension will be greatly reduced.

Range Rover Sport EAS System vs. Coil Spring Suspension

Land Rover’s air suspension provides a luxurious off-roading experience with leveling capabilities that are a part of the vehicle’s unique characteristics. While Land Rover may have a one of a kind off-road design, they are just as well known for having regular problems with their suspension that require extensive repairs and a tedious maintenance routine.

The biggest argument against converting an EAS equipped vehicle to coil springs is that a conversion kit takes away the key characteristics that make EAS suspension ideal over traditional springs, such as ride height control to Terrain Response and automatic leveling. However, these features require several highly technical, sensitive parts such as the air compressor and dryer, air springs, Solenoids, the EAS Driver Module, a relay, Electronic Control Unit, height sensors and more. These parts are costly to repair but are required to make the system function as designed. The smaller parts tend to wear down meaning regular replacement and repairs are inevitable.

Why Convert My Land Rover to Coil Springs?

There are many reasons on why you would use a conversion kit to switch to traditional coil springs on your Range Rover Sport. If your Land Rover has persistent problems in the suspension and you are tired of replacing part after part, coil springs are long lasting alternatives that require little maintenance. Many people also install a conversion kit on their vehicles when the first signs of suspension damage occur since the cost of an entire coil spring conversion kit can be a fraction of OEM replacement parts and to prevent from having to make more repairs as the vehicles ages. Some people simply like to have the reliability and durability of coil springs over touchy air springs with noisy compressors.

Regardless of the reason, Suncore Industries has a conversion kit that makes the switch from an EAS system to coil springs as painless as possible. With the preassembled, ready to install strut assemblies, all you have to do is disconnect the air struts and springs as well as the compressor, so it does not try to run while not in use. Removing the air suspension parts that are no longer in use is completely up to your preference. Once installed you can once again drive your vehicle without worrying about another air leak or compressor blow out again.