Suncore Industries is pleased to announce we have developed a conversion kit offering our customer base the opportunity to replace their rear air springs with more reliable standard coil springs.

Air springs provide a comfort and smooth ride.  They also leak and require maintenance every 3-4 years.

Coil springs provide a stiffer ride with a better feel to grip the road. 

Coil springs in many cases last the entire lifetime of the vehicle.

Our rear air spring conversion for the Mercedes R320, R350 and R500 provide our customers with the opportunity to replace their rear air springs once and for all. 

The process to replace the rear air springs with rear coil springs is rather seamless and comes with all mounting hardware required.  (Please reference the installation instructions provided with the parts and also listed in the product listing below.)

How do I know if I need to replace my air springs?

  • Suspension Sagging

The rear end of the vehicle will be sagging when there is a slow leak in your air spring.  In some cases the air springs will be completely blown out and the rear end will make the car undrivable interfering with the steering and ride characteristics on the car.

  • Constant operation of the air compressor

If your air suspension compressor is constantly running, there is a good chance there is a leak in your air spring.  If this issue is not diagnosed and resolved it will cause the air suspension compressor to burn out and require replacement as well.

If the rear end of your Mercedes W251 R Class is causing you issues, Suncore Industries highly recommends a replacement into our rear coil spring conversion and say good bye to your leaking air springs once and for all.