Fully Assembled Air Compressors for a Hassle-Free Installation

Before replacing your air compressor we advise that you make sure you have cured the cause for your compressor failure as the most common cause for a compressor failure is due to a leak is the suspension system causing the compressor to be overworked, leading to the motor burning out.

Replacing your air compressor can be a difficult task and can become more of a hassle when you are trying to install a new compressor onto rusted brackets using rusted hardware. We have decided to save you the trouble of sourcing all the small components and mounting brackets and offer a new line of ready to install suspension compressors.

OE Vehicle Specific Designs with Ease of Installation in Mind

Suncore's Air Compressor Assemblies are engineered with the manufacturer's individual features in mind. These individual features give vehicles their characteristic ride quality and options, such as relays offering the ability to lift or lower vehicles manually through a switch or "jack mode."

Here are some examples of different air compressor assembly designs based on their unique make and model:

BMW 5 Series & 7 Series With Distribution Valve Block

There are two new air compressor assemblies engineered for BMW models in the 5 Series & 7 Series vehicle line. The 275BW-20-C assembly is designed for direct fitment in the majority of the 5 & 7 Series models while 256BW-20-C is specifically built for models with VIN E61 Chassis and the variations in the frame from the standard design. The Distribution Valve Block independently distributes air to each of the four corners of your vehicle and are necessary to maintain self leveling suspension.

2003-2005 Range Rover With Relay & Casing

This air compressor assembly is complete with a relay compatible with the Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) System found in Range Rovers. The EAS System allows the driver to inflate or deflate the air springs in the front and/or rear corners of the vehicle, lifting the vehicle for off-roading or deflating to lower the center of gravity. This compressor assembly also includes a wire harness to replace any worn connections and a round protective casing enclosing the assembly into a single, mountable unit.

2007-2016 Lincoln Navigator & Ford Expedition

This air compressor assembly is also built with the desiccant cannister already assembled to maintain a moisture free air flow through the compressor. This assembly has a single air line outlet to replicate the OE design, meaning you won't have to use an air flow plug for unused outlets that can wear out and create air leaks. The air compressor is fully assembled on a mounting bracket while meeting factory performance standards, making the repair process easier and more reliable than rebuilt assemblies.

Suncore will be continuously adding to the line of fully assembled and ready to install Air Compressor Assemblies. The product line also includes options for the Infiniti QX56, Nissan Armada, Buick Rendezvous, Pontiac Aztek, GMC Trucks, as well as several models and years of Cadillac vehicles. Browse our selection below and keep watch as we release more years, makes, and models!