Range Rover L322 Air Suspension System Installation Guide


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Now that that’s out of the way Let’s Start with replacing the front left Air Strut Assembly.

Tools you will need are:

Wrenches: 18mm – 12mm – 22mm

Socket: 15mm – 18mm – 22mm

I used needle nose pliers to pull off the air fitting collet off the air hose connecting to the top of the air spring.

This is a fairly quick install, It will help if you have an extra set of hands when installing the new strut back into the strut tower to help keep the mount studs lined up and start threading the nuts on to the studs to support the strut from the top.

Also when removing and installing the tie rod from the strut, secure the ball joint from the base with a 18mm wrench.

Next we will be installing the rear air spring

Tools you will need are:

Wrenches: 8mm – 12mm – 10mm

Sockets: 10mm 8mm

When removing the top of the air spring clip I ended up using an Allen key to pull the clip out but It would have been easier with a hook pick.

I removed the valve block to get better access to the airline fitting to release the air from the air spring, and to allow for me to pull the line trough when I remove the air spring with the line attached on the other end.

The yellow hoses send air to the rear Left and right,  and the black hoses send to the front Left and right.

Final video is installing the air suspension compressor with relay

Tools you will need are:

Wrenches: 10mm

Sockets: 10mm

Nose Pliers

Wire Cutter

Impact Drill


When removing the plastic tie-down straps, grab the plastic tab and pull upwards. Video Time Stamp (1:12)

When removing the red/white and brown/white electrical lines, push in the connectors until wire is loose. Then remove wire from the back of the plug socket. Video Time Stamp (3:55)