Is your Tesla S sitting low on one corner? Is your tire scrapping against the wheel well? Any of these two issues can indicate an error in your suspension and needs to be addressed timely. There are several causes for a disabled air strut on your Tesla S. In some cases, weathering can dry out the rubber air bellow and cause it to burst or defective ball joints/control arms can cause damage to your air strut. Tesla technology will alert you when there is any error in your suspension and may disable Jack Mode (self-leveling electronic). Once Jack Mode is disable it can become a hassle or even risky to drive with an air suspension strut down on one or more corners on your S model. Servicing your suspension can be costly and timely, however Suncore makes it possible to save on both time and money with our OEM remanufactured air struts.

Suncore is proud and excited to introduce replacement air struts for your sleek and powerful Tesla S model. Our struts are OEM remanufactured with high quality parts and are equipped with Tesla’s original electronic components for an optimal suspension drive. Each strut is compared to OE Tesla specifications to ensure fitment, quality, and performance of our struts parts. Each strut is equipped with new air bellows, air fittings, o-rings, crimp-rings, and any hardware needed for installation. These top quality remanufactured units are guaranteed to keep your vehicles high-performance air suspension running smoothly and are fully compatible with Tesla technology.

For more information on how these parts are built, check in with our Development Engineer Ross Kaplan for a brief video summary!