How great is the Rolls-Royce suspension system?

When the brand Rolls-Royce comes to mind, you’d expect exquisite hand-craftsmanship and state-of-the-art engineering on all moving parts of the vehicle.  You imagine precious materials, and adorned fabrics finely incorporated into the interior finish; while maintaining its prestigious elegance on every curve-line and pillar on the exterior of the car.  But what about how it drives?  Specifically, the suspension and the way it drives.  Well the answer is simple.  What makes the Rolls-Royce such a head-turner also plays into the fact that the driving experience is elegant as well.

Through the air suspension system, intricate on-board systems within a Rolls-Royce collects information from the driver and road-conditions and will send packets of data from all sensors.  This data, which process calculations every 2.5 milliseconds ensures seamless dynamic steering and a comfortable ride.  Its suspension system according to Rolls-Royce engineers includes a robust lift and kneel function that individually raises and lowers the car for enhanced traveling on uneven roads.  Active Roll Stabilization and Variable Damping Control work in unison to insure all four corner air springs work cohesively to help the vehicle maintain perfect contact on road surfaces.  The system is very sensitive to also compensate for the smallest changes from one side car to the other for driving safety. 

Here at Suncore Industries we offer Air Suspensions for the Rolls Royce Ghost and wish to pursue the same level of craftmanship with our Reman-Line products that are proudly rebuilt in the USA.  For more information on our products and availability call us @ 1-800-260-5175.