Seeing the “Suspension Extremely Low” or “Chassis Failure” warning lights on the dash of any Panamera can make owners quite uneasy, and diagnosing the Adaptive Air Suspension can be difficult. Be aware that the Panamera Service Manual does state to only use Nitrogen, not air, to fill the air suspension, and that it is pressurized from 230 to 240 psi. Always wear protective equipment, including eye protection when working on any air suspension.

The Adaptive Air Suspension on the 970 chassis is entirely self-contained, with a compressor pump filling a reservoir, which keeps the two front air struts and the two rear air springs filled as needed. The suspension compressor is located near the rear differential, and is accessed from the underside of the vehicle. The six-port valve block is located just to the left side of the compressor, which feeds the compressed nitrogen to each air component. The compressor pump is a known faulty component, easily recognized by your vehicle either not raising or lowering at all, or taking longer than normal to raise and lower.

The front Adaptive Air Struts cannot be tested like other air struts, as the bellows are not exposed and can’t be checked easily for leaks. The valve at the top of the struts is known to leak, especially on early model years, and can be checked with a soapy water solution, if the strut hasn’t deflated entirely yet. It is recommended to check the Panamera’s wheel well measurements from the bottom of the side panel to the center of the rim, making sure you have the same level measurements on all four corners. Dealerships can recalibrate your Porsche’s level with a second generation PIWIS Tester and check the pressure in each air spring.

Another known suspension issue is with the front stabilizer bearings and bushings. Exposed to the elements, they require periodic lubrication from your local technician. Dirt and grime quickly build up in the front A-frame which will cause suspension noises from minor imperfections in the road, your service center should clean and inspect your suspension regularly.

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