What to Check First
The L322 chassis Land Rover Range Rover comes with an intricate air suspension, consisting of two front air struts, two rear air springs, and a reservoir tank. All components are filled by the air compressor in the trunk and controlled by the ECU in the passenger side dash. The air compressor is a known failure point in the air suspension, with multiple issues to look for. Under the spare tire is a small dome housing, consisting of the air suspension compressor, dryer and solenoid valve block. Standing water may be found under the spare tire which would indicate that you should fix any leaks or corroded seals before working on the air suspension.

Suspension Compressor Pump
The air compressor often wears out and unable to fill the reservoir or inflate the air springs, but other issues may also occur. Technical service bulletin LS-204-004 addresses a stuck compressor exhaust valve, which usually requires the air compressor pump to be replaced. The dryer can develop minor cracks which in turn leads to leaking air as the compressor pump runs. Also, the desiccant (silicone beads) in the dryer may block the exhaust lines when it becomes moist from collecting the water passing through the air lines. Unfortunately, the dryer is not an easy to part to service and replacement components are very hard to come by. In many cases, replacing the entire compressor is easier in terms of time and labor costs. It is suggested that you also replace the air compressor relay (which is relay number 4 on the rear right-side fuse box in the trunk) whenever replacing the air compressor.

Front & Rear Air Springs
The front and rear air springs are as susceptible to minor pinholes and dry rotting as all rubber bellows are, and can easily be inspected by raising the vehicle to off-road height and spraying down the air springs with a soapy water solution. A thorough inspection of your air lines is also necessary when troubleshooting the Land Rover air suspension issues, as they can easily develop leaks by dry rotting and rubbing against the frame or other moving components.

Electronic Control Unit
The 2003 to 2005 models require an ECU software upgrade, and this upgrade is necessary when replacing the air compressor, if not already done. This is necessary for all vehicles prior to VIN 106310, and it lowers the maximum system pressure needed to operate the air suspension.

Why Suncore Industries?
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