With Suncore’s 117J-31-4 Jaguar X350 and X358 Suspension Conversion Kit, you won’t have to worry about a low riding XJ, or the harsh ride that comes with it. The air suspension components in the XJ series are known to begin to fail around the 80k to 100k mile range, and each of the four struts often start at around $1,000, a hefty price tag when replacing more than one.

                Suncore’s eCATS conversion replaces all four of your air struts with our high quality fully assembled strut assemblies that fit directly in place of your old components. Installation of the front and rear struts can take only a few hours, with the rears being as simple as removing the old air strut and installing the new one. The front struts do require you to disconnect the upper and lower control arms and calipers, and here are a few tips to help that process go a little quicker.

  • An Allen Wrench or Socket will help when removing the top nuts from the front air struts.
  • You may need a Torx 60 socket wrench to remove the bolts on the bottoms of the front air struts.
  • Disconnect and move the wheel speed sensor out of the way when disconnecting the lower control arm and hub assembly.
  • Disconnect the front ride height sensors and make sure you do not re-install them facing the wrong direction, as they can rotate up to 180 degrees.
Your Jaguar may sit an inch higher after the installation, however this is normal and your vehicle needs time to settle, which shouldn’t take long. As with all of Suncore’s suspension conversion kits, you will receive detailed installation instructions and access to our toll-free technical support line for any questions or issues you may experience during installation. As with any major suspension conversion, we do recommend an alignment after installation.