So, you woke up this morning and found your Audi A8 just refuses to get up, and it’s too low to drive?

This is a common occurrence with many air suspensions, and it is an issue you probably need to resolve soon, to be able to get to work reliably. Performing a few simple troubleshooting steps can help you figure out what your issue is, and how to quickly and affordably fix it.

  • First is to make a note of what fault codes and messages are reading on the dash, an amber air suspension warning is common for an overheating compressor but not always the case because your air suspension also communicates with your ABS/ESP system.
  • Check your air suspension settings, and make sure it is not set on “Lift” or “Jacking” mode, as these can raise or lower your vehicle dramatically.
  • With the engine running, listen near the front driver side wheel well, where the air compressor is located. If it is running louder than normally or continually running, there might be an issue with the air suspension compressor pump or the relays.

Next and the solution that will often save you lots of money is to use OBDII scanner, Audi and VW require more than a basic scanner, you can use VAGCOM, VCDS or some of the generic solutions made for the VAG market. Locating the ODB connector is an easy task, as it is often located at the far left, under the steering column. Scan suspension module or scan for all fault codes and find the component that is linked to your fault codes.

  • 001 – Upper Limit Exceeded – This is the result of the vehicle sitting too high, open from over inflation of the air springs on top of the strut assemblies.
  • 01400 – Suspension Level Control – This informs you the suspension level is off according to the height sensors. Some or all of your suspension is not sitting level, or at the height it should be sitting. This indicates a leak somewhere in your suspension system, where air is not going to or staying in your air springs.
  • 01437 – Control Position not Learned or Wrong Adaptation – This is a system fault, indicating your adaptive suspension needs or has lost calibration, and should be re-calibrated by an ASE Certified Technician using a VCDS or Vagcom.
  • 01577 – Turn Off Due to Over Temp – This fault indicates an overworked compressor turning itself off before overheating or burning out.
  • 01583 – Leak in System Detected – This fault indicates a leak is present somewhere in the air suspension system, often in the air strut valves or air springs themselves.
  • 01772 – Signal from Level Control Pressure Sensor – This is another fault indicating the vehicle is not sitting level, either over raised or excessively lowered.

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