This blog covers the first generation which applies to the 2003 to 2010 Porsche Cayenne year range,
You will have various options offering Re-manufactured, New, Complete Assemblies, Air Springs and a spring conversion kit.

The mission to restore your Cayenne’s Active Suspension Management system has just gotten easier and a lot more affordable.

It is highly recommended to find the direct source of the failure that lead you to this search, and followed by running a test on all suspension components to insure the failure did not compromise other components.

Next choose your preference

New – Suncore has sourced premium components to build you a brand new direct replacement product which is identical to the product offered by a direct competitor but with a reasonable price tag.

Remanufactured – Suncore also offers the same part which consist of OE shocks and electronics which are tested to meet factory threshold for performance, and are suncore bladder.

Conversion – Suncore also decided to offer a conversion kit in the case the cost is too high to repair the air suspension.