Rear Air to Coil & Shock Conversion Kit 03-11 Crown Vic Grand Marquis & Town Car

Key Features:
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Saves You Money Compared To OEM/Dealer Prices
  • Installation Instructions Included
  • Brand NEW

Order Includes:
Order Includes: 2 Rear Shocks, 2 Rear Heavy Duty Coil Springs, 4 Insulators

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Part Number 45F-30-HD-KIT
Condition New
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Suncore’s Rear Air Spring to Coil Spring Conversion Kit Part 45F-30-HD-KIT for your Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis or Town Car is the perfect upgrade for an aged and failing air suspension system.
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Ford: 1W7Z18124DA
Ford: 3U2Z18124AA
Ford: E7PZ18125A
Mercury: 1W7Z18124DA
Ford: 5U2Z18V125C
Ford: E4AZ18125A
Lincoln Automotive: E7VY18124A
Monroe Shocks & Struts: 5961
Mercury: E5VY18125E
Lincoln Automotive: E5VY18125F
Lincoln Automotive: E7VY18125B
Ford: 5U2Z18V125VF
Ford: E5VY18125E
Mercury: E5VY18125F
Lincoln Automotive: E8VY18125B
Lincoln Automotive: E5VY18125B
Lincoln Automotive: E7VY18124B
Ford: E5VY18125F
Ford: E9AZ18124B
Lincoln Automotive: E5VY18125E
Mercury: E9AZ18124A
Lincoln Automotive: E8VY18125A
Mercury: E9AZ18124E
Ford: E9AZ18124A
Mercury: E9AZ18124D
Ford: E9AZ18124E
Mercury: E9AZ18125F
Mercury: E9AZ18124B
Ford: E9AZ18124F
Ford: E9AZ18125F
Mercury: E9AZ18125G
Ford: E9AZ18124D
Ford: E9AZ18125A
Ford: E9AZ18125G
Mercury: F2AZ18125A
Lincoln Automotive: E9AZ18125A
Mercury: E9AZ18125B
Ford: F5AZ18124A
Mercury: F5AZ18124A
Mercury: E9AZ18125A
Mercury: E9AZ18125E
Lincoln Automotive: F5VY18125A
Ford: F5AZ18125A
Ford: E9AZ18125B
Ford: E9AZ18125H
Lincoln Automotive: F6AZ18124AA
Lincoln Automotive: F5VY18124A
Ford: E9AZ18125E
Mercury: F5AZ18124B
Ford: F6AZ18124AA
Mercury: F6AZ18124BA
Ford: F2AZ18125A
Ford: F5AZ18124B
Lincoln Automotive: F6AZ18125AA
Ford: F6AZ18125AA
Mercury: F5AZ18125A
Ford: F5AZ18124C
Mercury: F6AZ18125AA
Mercury: F6MY18125AA
Lincoln Automotive: F5VY18124B
Mercury: F5MY18124A
Mercury: F6AZ18125BA
Ford: F7AZ18124BA
Lincoln Automotive: F5VY18125B
Mercury: F5MY18125A
Mercury: F6MY18124AA
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Ford: F6AZ18124BA
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Lincoln Automotive: F7VZ18124AA
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Lincoln Automotive: F8VZ18124AA
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Lincoln Automotive: FOAZ18125A
Lincoln Automotive: FOAZ18125B
Mercury: F8AZ18124AA
Lincoln Automotive: F8VZ18125AA
Mercury: FOAZ18125A
Mercury: XW3Z18125AA
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Ford: XW7Z18125DA
Mercury: F8MZ18125AA
Ford: XW3Z18125AA
Lincoln Automotive: XW1Z18125AB
Mercury: XW7Z18124BB
Mercury: XW7Z18124AB
Ford: XW7Z18124BB
Mercury: XW7Z18125AB
Ford: XW7Z18125BB
Lincoln Automotive: 3W1Z18124AA
Ford: 3W7Z18124CA
Lincoln Automotive: 3U2Z18124BG
Lincoln Automotive: 3W1Z18125CA
Mercury: 3W7Z18124AA
Mercury: 3W7Z18125DA
Ford: 3W7Z18125FA
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CARDONE New: 4J-1010K
Ford: 3W7Z18125GA
Lincoln Automotive: 6W7Z18124C
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Lincoln Automotive: 4W1Z18124AA
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Lincoln Automotive: 4W7Z18124CA
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Arnott Industries: C-2232
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Lincoln Automotive: 7W1Z18124A
Ford: 7W1Z18125E
Ford: BW7Z18125A
Ford: 7W7Z18125B
Ford: 7W7Z18124A
Monroe Shocks & Struts: 90004
Ford: BW7Z18125B
Lincoln Automotive: 9W1Z18124A
Lincoln Automotive: 7W7Z18124C
Mercury: 9W1Z18124A
Westar: CK-7800
Ford: BW1Z18125A
Ford: 7W7Z18125D
Mercury: BW7Z181125A
Sensen Shocks & Struts: CS3000
Ford: BW7Z18124A
Ford: 9W1Z18124A
Lincoln Automotive: BW7Z18124B
Mercury: BW7Z18125A
Mercury: AW7Z18125BA
Lincoln Automotive: NOT18125AV
Mercury: BW1Z18125A
Ford: BW7Z181125A
Mercury: BW7Z18124A
Special Note
Low Cost Alternative To Air Suspension
Max Year Covered
Min Year Covered
Most Popular Make / Model
Ford Crown Victoria
Most Popular Year
Product Grade
Total Part VIO
Max Year Covered
Most Popular Make / Model
Mercury Grand Marquis
Product Grade
Min Year Covered
Most Popular Year
Special Note
Nitrogen Gas Charged For Superior Response and Consistent Control
Total Part VIO
Extended Length
Compressed Length
Travel Length
This kit will keep the car at factory height while providing a smooth car ride. You will be saving Time and Money by purchasing this complete kit. The Town Car conversion kit will eliminate the air suspension problem forever. How to disable the air suspension light is provided in the instructions. Gas Shocks should be replaced every 50,000 miles and are included with this kit. For safety reasons your Gas Shocks should be maintained for these periods. This kit comes with a **Limited Lifetime Warranty** against any manufacturer defects and included with your purchase you will find easy to follow installation instructions.


Suncore Industries was established in 2000 and have been a member of the Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA) ever since. Our mission began with rebuilding air suspension components and moved quickly into offering better solutions with conventional suspension conversion kits to give our customers the longevity they can rely on.

The most common reason for an air strut failure is due to dry rotting of the air bag. This is something that happens over time, the air bag starts to deteriorate and causes leaks, when this happens the air bag can no longer hold air pressure. A leaking air bag can cause the strut it fits over to fail as well. The second factor of an air strut failure is the strut itself. The strut is pressurized with fluid, and if the strut begins to fail it will no longer have the same pressure to hold the vehicle. If this system begins to fail one visible sign will be that your vehicle will be lower than factory height. If Air Struts are not replaced on time, it will cause an Air Suspension Compressor Failure.

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Complete strut assembly free shipping ups ground
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Works exactly as described. Good quality product. Pleased with the result.
Reviewed on 9/24/2020
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Rear Air to Coil & Shock Conversion Kit 03-11 Crown Vic Grand Marquis & Town Car

Is the duty springs really the best

Customer Service

Hi Tiara, thank you for reaching out. The HD springs are going to be a little more stiff and will raise your vehicle a little higher as well. I would recommend going with standard unless you typically have a heavier load in the rear of the vehicle. Please let us know if you have any further questions. -Stephanie

I keep alot of my workout equipment (weights sled, etc. in my trunk of my car... heavy duty springs well help my car stay level