Jeep's Quadra-Lift System Features, Functionality & Common Issues - W2K Grand Cherokee

When learning the diagnostics of the Quadra-Lift system, a little clarification is needed. The wide-range of functionality, seemingly, can give the look, or feel, of a poly-polared problem, with several dynamic behaviors.

In the command center (driver’s seat), the driver is immediately engaged with the Trail-Rated Jeep. Opportunities to venture terrains where others can’t, e.g. old dirt roads, hills, bogs, swamps, rocky terrains and etc.

Quadra-Lift Features:

• Park: Raise up the chassis automatically at ignition of the mobile.

• Aero: Remain at current height through the drive.        

• NRM: Remain at height adjusted until 65 Mph, then auto drops to Aero mode.

• Off-road 1: Chassis will remain at this ride height until 45MPH, then drop to NRM (Normal ride height).

• Off-road 2: Chassis to remain at this height until 15Mph, then drop to OR1. (Off-Road 1)

This advanced suspension system is impressive, however with any electronics, there are a wide range of failures in various ways.

The most common issue, which Jeep won’t admit, is a suspension air-pump failure at dropping speeds. The system becomes non-compliant, lights are thrown, and there is potentiality to lose control. Reports have proven the issue to come at cold temperatures, colder than 25 degrees. This is a manufacturer defect that shows up early in the Jeep’s life, 25,000 miles or below seems the consensus. This may be the most common issue, however only 2% of vehicles have experienced this failure. Otherwise, the pump is a great mechanism.

As our investigation into the functionality of the Quadra-Lift unfolds, most Jeep owners are happy with this system.

 “Very flexible system” or “Noticeably better than a conventional system”, are the standard quotes of praise. “The best I’ve ever owned” one exclaimed. The problems; running into availability of parts and the pricing of the struts/springs with the manufacturer and other after-market manufacturers. Our end, careful measurements have been taken to ensure in-stock consistencies and affordability without sacrificing quality.

The quality is backed by the Suncore name to meet or exceed OEM standard. Whether it is by phone or email, please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your air suspension needs.